Mary Lober Aquilino

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine community pharmacy practice with regard to providing smoking-cessation counseling. DESIGN Mailed survey. SETTING Iowa community pharmacies. PARTICIPANTS A stratified random sample of pharmacists statewide. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS Descriptive statistics were computed for all study variables. Fisher exact test or chi2(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the population demographics of the location of pharmacies were associated with tobacco sales in pharmacies, when controlling for pharmacy type. DESIGN Retrospective analysis. SETTING Iowa. PARTICIPANTS All retailers in Iowa that obtained tobacco licenses and all pharmacies registered with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy in(More)
PURPOSE To examine the perspectives of WIC clinic providers on offering smoking cessation interventions for pregnant women. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Four focus groups consisting of WIC nurses, dietitians, and social workers (N = 25) were conducted at WIC clinics in eastern Iowa. Researchers developed discussion guidelines to determine how WIC providers(More)
PURPOSE To elicit the views of teens concerning effective strategies to prevent pregnancy. DESIGN Qualitative methods and a focus group approach were used. METHOD The sample consisted of male and female adolescents, 14 to 19 years of age, in grades 9 to 12, who volunteered to participate in the study. Seven groups of teens met with the investigator(More)
PURPOSE To examine the relationship among cognitive development, clinical knowledge, and clinical experience in nursing students. METHODS A survey of junior and senior baccalaureate nursing students from three Midwestern colleges (N = 55). FINDINGS Students' diagnostic ability increased as they gained clinical experience and clinical knowledge. However,(More)
Tobacco production, distribution, and use are international issues with significant health and economic implications. This paper provides an overview of the effective approaches to tobacco control including decreasing demand for tobacco products through taxation, consumer education, research, bans on advertising and promotion, warning labels, and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the content validity and nursing sensitivity of six community-level outcomes from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC; Johnson, Maas, & Moorhead, 2000). DESIGN AND METHODS A survey research design was used. Questionnaires were mailed to 300 public health nursing experts; 102 nurses responded. Experts evaluated between 11 and 30(More)
Media framing of infant feeding has the ability to influence knowledge and views of the barriers, benefits, and solutions inherent in breastfeeding or formula-feeding. This study examined how seven popular U.S. parenting, general women's, and African American magazines framed breastfeeding and formula-feeding messages to determine whether a sense-making(More)
Public health is an important component of veterinary medicine. In the last 10 years, there has been growing recognition of the need to increase the number of veterinarians trained in public health. The Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH) at Iowa State University (ISU), College of Veterinary Medicine, received a grant from the Centers for(More)
PURPOSE To illustrate trends in unintended pregnancy over a 5-year period and to describe variations in desire for pregnancy at conception in relation to maternal age, race/ethnicity, income, and education. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Data were collected as part of the Iowa Barriers to Prenatal Care Project, a large, multiyear study of new mothers. A brief(More)