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The central Australian Aboriginal language Warlpiri has been made famous in the linguistic literature as 'non-configurational' as a result of the analysis of its morphosyntax arising from research by Ken Hale. 1 Hale (1980) proposed that Warlpiri showed no evidence of phrase structure organisation (i.e. no evidence for syntactic categories beyond the word(More)
Very much in the spirit of Goddard (1982), Julie Legate argues in a mkore recent article (Legate 2008) for a distinction in languages such as Warlpiri between a syntactic or abstract nominative and accusative case assignment as opposed to morphological case assignment, although this distinction is only morphologically realized on bound pronouns. Thus the(More)
Reciprocals are characterized by a crossover of thematic roles within a single clause. So, in John and Mary wash each other, each of John and Mary is both washer and washed, both agent and patient. This often plays havoc with the process of mapping to argument structure, which in regular clauses assumes a unique thematic role for each argument. The(More)
The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO) started in 2008 in only two locations and has since grown to a nationwide competition with almost 1500 high school students participating in 2013. An Australian team has participated in the International Linguistics Olympiad (ILO) every year since 2009. This paper describes how the competition is(More)
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