Mary Lame

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The pattern of sensitivity of mice from three inbred strains were compared on measures of morphine-induced analgesia (hot plate), locomotor activity, hypothermia, Straub tail (muscular rigidity), antidiuresis and constipation. The DBA/2J strain emerged as the most sensitive strain for analgesia, retention of a water load (antidiuresis) and hypothermia. In(More)
Using the hot plate assay of analgesia, several investigators have reported DBA/2J mice to be much more sensitive to morphine and other opioids than C57BL/6J mice using paw-lick as the behavioral end point. In the present studies, we compared DBA/2J, C57BL/6J, and C3H/HeJ mice on two behavioral end points, either (1) the initial response to the hot plate,(More)
INTRODUCTION Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) amyloid-β 1-42 (Aβ42) is an important biomarker for Alzheimer's disease, both in diagnostics and to monitor disease-modifying therapies. However, there is a great need for standardization of methods used for quantification. To overcome problems associated with immunoassays, liquid chromatography-tandem mass(More)
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