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Few multi-centre studies of the impact of computerised provider order entry (CPOE) systems on health care efficiency and effectiveness exist. Further, demonstrating a link between system use and improvements in patient outcomes is challenging. An often neglected step is to characterise the nature of the problem prior to CPOE introduction to ensure that the(More)
To be able to do the correct action when a fault is detected, the fault isolation part must be precise and run in real time during operation of the process. In many cases can it be difficult to decide exactly where the fault is localized. In those cases, the isolation algorithm must rank the faults according to their probability to be the cause to the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite strong evidence giving guidance for effective fall prevention interventions in community-residing older people, there is currently no clear model for engaging general medical practitioners in fall prevention and routine use of allied health professionals in fall prevention has been slow, limiting widespread dissemination. This protocol(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic injury and mental health disorders are co-associated. Early identification of depression, anxiety and stress following injury, and subsequent preventive intervention, may reduce the long-term symptoms and negative impacts associated with depression and anxiety. The purpose of the study was to determine the incidence, severity and(More)
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