Mary L. Stewart

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With the use of rat liver preparations, the in vitro microsomal metabolism of methylethylnitrosamine, methyl-n-butylnitrosamine, and methyl(2-phenylethyl)nitrosamine labeled with deuterium in the methyl and alpha-methylene positions has been compared with that of the parent (unlabeled) compounds. All three forms of the liver carcinogen(More)
Nitrosodiallylamine has been reported to be non-carcinogenic in rats while nitrosodipropylamine and nitrosodiethanolamine are liver carcinogens. That nitrosodipropylamine is metabolized at the alpha-position by liver microsomes from Fischer-344 rats supports the widely held contention that such metabolism is responsible for the carcinogenicity of(More)
In a phase I National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded clinical trial, 34 breast cancer survivors, six weeks to one year post-treatment, were recruited to participate in a 6-class, 8-week long imagery stress reduction program entitled "Envision the Rhythms of Life." Patients practiced imagery during and between sessions. Outcomes for quality of life and(More)
The microsomal metabolism of eight methyl alkyl nitrosamines (nitrosotrifluoroethylamine, nitrosomethylpropylamine, nitrosomethylpentylamine, nitrosomethylneopentylamine, nitrosomethylhexylamine, nitrosomethylheptylamine, nitrosomethylcyclohexylamine and nitrosomethylbenzylamine) was studied. All the nitrosamines produced formaldehyde during metabolism but(More)
Nitrosopyrrolidine (NO-PYR), an hepatocellular carcinogen, is rapidly metabolized to CO2 by hepatocytes freshly isolated from the livers of male Fischer rats. Using CO2 evolution as a measure of NO-PYR metabolism, we observed two kinetic constants; a high affinity component (Km = 0.11 mM), and a lower affinity component (K m = 3.2 mM). The high affinity(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To better understand the common themes of women participating in an imagery program designed to improve quality of life (QOL). RESEARCH APPROACH Qualitative. SETTING Classroom setting at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. PARTICIPANTS 10 women with a confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer who had completed conventional care(More)
The N-demethylation of 15N-labeled N-nitrosodimethylamine (DMN) and N-nitroso-N-methylaniline (NMA) by isolated rat hepatic cells has been investigated. The values obtained in this system for molecular nitrogen formed during metabolism, compared with substrate consumed, were DMN 47%, NMA 23%, and N-nitroso-N-methylurea (NMU) 105%. The results for DMN are(More)
OBJECTIVE This multi-site randomized trial evaluates the quality of life (QOL) benefits of an imagery-based group intervention titled 'Envision the Rhythms of Life'(ERL). METHODS Breast cancer survivors >6 weeks post-treatment were randomized to attend five weekly 4-h group sessions at a community center with therapist present (live delivery (LD), n =(More)
The metabolism of Y-nilroso-A'-nictliyl\-(2-ovcipn>pyl)aminc was ex amined using freshly isolated hepatocytes from Fischer 344 rats. As determined by high performance liquid chromatography, it was found that the E isomer was preferentially metabolized when the parent mixture was used. When the two isomers were studied separately, the E isomer was(More)