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Examining the Characteristics of Male Sexual Assault Targets in a Southern Maximum-Security Prison
Studies concerning inmate-on-inmate sexual assaults within male correctional facilities are sparse in the sociological and correctional literatures. Only a few studies have specifically examined theExpand
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Does Participation in Conjugal Visitations Reduce Prison Violence in Mississippi? An Exploratory Study
Few studies have examined the relationship between participation in conjugal visitation programs and threats of or actual violent behavior facilities. In the present study, 256 men and womenExpand
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The Characteristics and Motivations Behind Female Prison Sex
Abstract Research on the topic of consensual same-sex sexual activities within female prisons has been sparse in sociological and correctional literature. The purpose of the present study was toExpand
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The impact of institutional factors on officially reported sexual assaults in prisons
Not only has research on prison sexual assault been rather scarce the past four decades, but few of these studies have ascertained the number of officially reported inmate-on-inmate sexual assaults.Expand
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Student attitudes toward inmate privileges
Although corrections researchers have examined criminal justice students’ attitudes toward offender punishment and the death penalty, they have overlooked the important area of inmate privileges.Expand
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Masturbation Uncovered: Autoeroticism in a Female Prison
The topic of male and female masturbation both in free society and in prison has received very little academic attention. In fact, no study has been conducted on female masturbatory practices inExpand
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Criminal justice and non-criminal justice students' views of U.S. correctional issues
For the past decade, researchers have examined the differences between criminal justice and non-criminal justice students' attitudes toward various criminal justice issues and problems. However,Expand
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Examining the Relationship Between Female Inmate Homosexual Behavior and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Homosexuals
Most sociologists and penologists tend to shy away from studying inmate attitudes toward homosexuality and homosexuals. Researchers within the corrections field who focus on prison sexualityExpand
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College students' attitudes toward inmate programs, services, and amenities
In recent years, state departments of correction have been eliminating or reducing the number of inmate programs, services, and amenities. Studies of societal attitudes toward these “privileges” haveExpand
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Inmate homosexual behavior in a southern female correctional facility
Research concerning variables which impact inmate participation in same-sex sexual behavior within female correctional facilities is sparse. Data were collected via anonymous questionnaires from 245Expand
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