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The Semantic Web is a promising step toward improving virtual community information systems. It gives information a clearer meaning, better enabling computers and people to cooperate. However, still lacking is the purpose of the information: how is it going to be used and evolve? In a Pragmatic Web, the context of the information would be defined as well,(More)
Charles Peirce was influenced by German philosophy to conceive logic as one of a carefully related set of theoretical disciplines called the Normative Sciences, strategically located in his Classification of the Sciences between Phenomenology and Metaphysics. Barely enough evidence is available from his archived manuscripts to indicate how he might have(More)
Revelator has been designed as a game for improving collaborative inquiry, in a format that resembles familiar intellectual games, such as bridge, crossword puzzles, poker, and chess. Its purpose is to reveal the complex relations among conditional propositions, which players use to represent their conjectures as plays in the game. Plays in Revelator become(More)