Mary Keeffe

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276 NATURE | VOL 402 | 18 NOVEMBER 1999 | across the junction is proportional to the product of the endtunnelling density of states on both sides and therefore still varies as a power law of energy, but with an exponent twice as large as the end tunnelling, that is, aend±end ˆ 2aend. Single-wall carbon nanotubes are truly one-dimensional(More)
In this paper, Habermas’s concepts of lifeworld and systems world are introduced and related to the principal’s governance of inclusion in school settings and the requirements of the disability discrimination legislation. The lifeworld relates to the known body of cultural knowledge that the principal is able to access to make decisions about inclusion. The(More)
NATURE | VOL 401 | 2 SEPTEMBER 1999 | 49 small e, d while the energy which resides in the stretched ridge is U s ˆ Ebe …2D=h†, so that U s=Ub < 0:05 for typical experimental parameters. These results indicate that in the early stages of crumpling, when large deformations of a few conical dislocations are much more likely to occur, bending(More)
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