Mary Kay Stein

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This review of the introductory instructional substance of functions and graphs analyzes research on the interpretation and construction tasks associated with functions and some of their representations: algebraic, tabular, and graphical. The review also analyzes the nature of learning in terms of intuitions and misconceptions, and the plausible approaches(More)
The present study introduces a novel measure of adenosine receptor sensitivity that is based on the action of specific receptor blockers (e.g., caffeine) to potentiate the ability to detect threshold quinine concentrations. The test is used to compare gustatory adenosinergic responses to caffeine challenges in normal controls and patients with panic(More)
Two dosage schedules of amitriptyline hydrochloride, once daily vs three times daily, were compared in a group of 124 nonpsychotic depressed outpatients. After four weeks of treatment, patients on the once daily schedule had improved significantly more than patients receiving multiple doses on both physician and patient measures. The two groups did not(More)
Establishment and maintenance of a polarized epithelium relies on the integration of signaling cascades, acquisition of specialized trafficking circuits and establishment of a unique cytoarchitecture. Defects in any of these processes can adversely affect cell polarity and cause defects in specific organs and systemic disease. Mutations that disrupt the(More)
Twenty-five new psychiatric outpatient were clinically evaluated and were routinely administered a brief psychological screening battery which included measures of symptoms, personality, and cognitive function. Included in this assessment procedure were the Gottschalk-Gleser Content Analysis Scales on which scores were derived from five-minute speech(More)
On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a Center for Women's Health (CWH) program, the opportunity to share the successes and limitations in developing a centralized approach to women's healthcare is provided. The development of the CWH at the Columbia University Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital was prompted by concerns that the health(More)
Many countries, including the United States, emphasize the importance of developing students’ scientific habits of mind and their capacity to think deeply about scientific ideas in an integrated fashion. Recent science education policies in the United States portray a related vision of science teaching and learning that is meant to guide the improvement(More)