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The paper challenges the claim that an increasingly global media is creating a homogenisation of political discourses at the international level. In particular, it explores the extent to which the U.S. government managed to affect global perceptions of the War On Terrorism through the media in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 events. The research starts(More)
The manner and context of teachers’ verbal discourse has been well documented and much has been written on the ways in which teachers’ use of spoken language impacts on the teaching and learning process. However, there has been little about ‘the spaces’ between the words and the ways in which different social and personal constructions of ‘silence’ may(More)
Music, a universal human endeavor, offers a unique perspective on studying the humanities. Studying music combines the intellectual and emotional meaning listeners make from music, engaging them in aesthetically focused-activities. In this article, the benefits of teaching music using a methodology based on critical thinking are discussed. Additionally, the(More)
BACKGROUND Hearing fluctuation imposes the biggest challenge in the fitting of hearing aids for patients with Ménière's syndrome. PURPOSE This study shows that the problem maybe be overcome by allowing the patients to test their own hearing and to program their own hearing aids to adjust for hearing fluctuation. RESEARCH DESIGN AND STUDY SAMPLE: A group(More)
The advances in ICT and also the advent of the Internet have changed the way we work in the new millenium. Virtual teamworking has already been practised extensively in the West but in the case of Malaysia, a developing country is still struggling to get a strong foothold. In lieu of the above this study looks at the impact of internal group dynamics, team(More)
The aim of this paper is the mapping of the discursive transitions in school science from the primary to the secondary level as reflected in the corresponding textbooks. Our basic hypothesis is that the pedagogic discourse is constructed by the interplay of three basic dimensions, namely classification, formality and framing which correspond to the content(More)
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