Mary K Munroe

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Psychosocial interventions for atypical depression (AD) have been relatively ignored in the clinical research literature, despite evidence that the atypical subtype of major depression is marked by earlier age of onset, longer duration of mood episode, greater symptom severity, and poorer response to pharmacologic treatment. Given the symptom profile of AD,(More)
A stochastic, semiclassical model is developed for a multimode, homogeneously broadened laser with rapid di-pole dephasing, appropriate for semiconductor, Ti:sapphire, or dye lasers. The theory self-consistently incorporates population dynamics including temporal beating effects and relaxation oscillations, spatial hole burning , coherent-wave mixing, and(More)
Calculations of the longitudinal mode functions for the electric field of a compound-cavity laser show that the loss and gain coefficients are given by the Airy formula, as a function of the mode frequencies. Further, when the external cavity is longer than the gain-medium cavity, the frequency dependence of the gain is stronger than that of the loss, even(More)
The turn-on-time statistics for an individual longitudinal mode and the total intensity of a multimode laser are shown to be very different. In both experiment and theory we find that the differences are due mainly to transitory modes that decay as a result of frequency-dependent losses and gains. Associated with this phenomenon is a kink in the time(More)
BACKGROUND Grounded in a model focused on exposure to response-contingent positive reinforcement, and with evidence supporting its acute treatment effects for unipolar depression, an adjunctive behavioral activation (BA) intervention may be especially well suited to the treatment of bipolar depression. The goal of this study was to modify BA for the(More)
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