Mary K Costello

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The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of ethyl vinyl chloride vapocoolant spray on pain reported by children undergoing intravenous cannulation. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial was conducted on eligible children between the ages of 9 and 18 years seen in a pediatric emergency department and requiring intravenous(More)
To evaluate the contribution of neural pathways to the determination of the circadian oscillator phase in peripheral organs, we assessed lateralization of clock gene expression in Syrian hamsters induced to split rhythms of locomotor activity by exposure to constant light. We measured the ratio of haPer1, haPer2, and haBmal1 mRNA on the high vs. low (H/L)(More)
Laboratory animals allowed to self-administer stimulants for extended periods of time escalate drug intake compared to animals that self-administer under temporally limited conditions. To our knowledge, this phenomenon has not been systematically investigated in humans. We interviewed 106 (77 male, 29 female) methamphetamine (Meth) and 96 (81 male, 15(More)
A reprint collection represents an investment of time, money, and resources. As with any data base you gather, however, the problem is storing the information for retrieval. This article describes how to design and implement a filing system to make retrieval of reprints both quick and easy. Although reprints are the data base described in this article, the(More)
Homozygous tau mutant (tau(ss)) hamsters show an extremely short (20 h) circadian period (tau) that is attributable to altered enzymatic activity of casein kinase 1epsilon. It has been proposed that coupling of constituent circadian oscillators is strengthened in tau(ss) hamsters, explaining their tendency to show strong resetting after prolonged exposure(More)
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