Mary-Joan Gerson

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This study tested whether group gut-focused hypnotherapy would improve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Several possible outcome predictors were also studied. Before treatment, 75 patients completed a Symptom Severity Scale, a Mind-Body attribution questionnaire, and a Quality of Relationship Inventory (QRI). The symptom scale was completed posttreatment, 3,(More)
Chronic illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome are not experienced by patients in isolation. They live in a context of relationships, including spouses and partners, other family members, friends and business associates. Those relationships can have an effect, both positive and negative, on the course of illness and may also be affected by the(More)
Mad Men is disturbing to post-millennium viewers, particularly those of a "certain" age, on three counts. First, it invokes a particular historical context of gender oppression; second it captures the prevailing post-War injunction that emotional distress is unseemly and distasteful; and third, it captures the zeitgeist's celebration of surface over(More)
In the author's view, the intensity of couples/family treatment arises from a suppressed acknowledgment of reciprocity, of interconnectedness among family members, beyond the often familiar dynamics of blaming and deprivation. Eliciting a recognition of profound interdependence raises anxiety, and stands in opposition to culturally prescribed concepts of(More)
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