Mary Jo Waters

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Human follicular fluid was found to contain a factor chemotactic for human neutrophils. This chemotactic activity was shown to be heat labile and trypsin sensitive. Gel permeation chromatography experiments indicate that the chemotactic protein has an approximate molecular weight of 100 kd. Isoelectric focussing suggests an isoelectric point for this(More)
We describe three cases of Anaerobiospirillum succiniciproducens bacteremia from Australia. We believe one of these cases represents the first report of A. succiniciproducens bacteremia in a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individual. The other two patients had an underlying disorder (one patient had bleeding esophageal varices complicating(More)
Rapsyn is a key molecule involved in the formation of postsynaptic specializations at the neuromuscular junction, in its absence there are both pre- and post-synaptic deficits including failure to cluster acetylcholine receptors. Recently we have documented increases in both nerve-muscle branching and numbers of motoneurons, suggesting alterations in(More)
The prevalence of delta infection was studied in 3986 individuals seropositive for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), who were seen in Melbourne between 1971 and 1985. The group comprised 2004 patients with acute hepatitis B, 1820 asymptomatic HBsAg carriers, 139 HBsAg carriers with evidence of chronic liver disease, and 23 carriers who had suffered more(More)
INTRODUCTION Endophthalmitis is a sight-threatening condition defined as any inflammation of the internal ocular spaces. It is classified as either endogenous or exogenous depending on the route of infection. Exogenous endophthalmitis results from direct inoculation as a complication of intra-ocular surgery, penetrating ocular trauma, intra-ocular foreign(More)