Mary Jo Loughlin

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This study is based on the reports of 384 adults who were abused physically, sexually, and/or emotionally in childhood by family members. It describes the survivors' attempts, as children, to get help by disclosing the abuse to someone who might intervene; those who did not disclose explain their reasons. The results indicate that disclosure usually did not(More)
Nurse leaders continue to seek support programs essential for advancement to senior roles. Providing such support presents a challenge for the future of nursing in the state of New Jersey and on a national level. This article discusses the creation of a mentorship program by the Organization of Nurse Executives of New Jersey (ONE NJ). In recognition of the(More)
This article analyzes the self-reports of 384 adults who responded to a survey of people abused physically, sexually, or emotionally by family members in childhood. Most of the respondents sought help as adults from social workers and other mental health professionals for the long-term effects of their abusive experiences. This article analyses the reports(More)
A Local Mixing Model (LMM) has been utilised to compute the evolution of the hydrogen isotope content within the implantation zone of the CuCrZr target material of the beam-stopping elements of the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility, together with the beamtarget fusion reaction rate calculated by taking account of the slowing-down of the 1MeV incoming(More)
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