Mary Jean Flaherty

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Donley and Flaherty look anew at the nursing shortage; they explain why the supply-side orientation cannot explain or resolve the problem. The mere increase in our numbers is not a solution in today's complex care environment. The authors explain the market-driven shortage and the changes in the work environment essential for ameliorating the shortage.
Advanced practice nurses have increased in number and public acceptance. Students preparing for these roles require quality clinical education so they are prepared to assume collaborative roles in healthcare settings. Although graduate clinical preceptors have a vitally important role in the clinical education and professional socialization of advanced(More)
Exploration of the involvement of Black grandmothers (N = 12) in the primary infant care activities of young adolescent mothers is the focus of this descriptive study. Seven categories of "grandmother caring functions" are identified from an analysis of interview data: managing, caretaking, coaching, assessing, nurturing, assigning, and patrolling. The(More)