Mary Jane Willshire

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0 7 4 0 7 4 5 9 / 0 3 / $ 1 7 . 0 0 © 2 0 0 3 I E E E After initial salvage attempts, the ship was largely forgotten until Anders Franzen located it in 1956.1 In 1961, 333 years after it sank, the Vasa was raised; it was so well preserved that it could float after the gun portals were sealed and water and mud were pumped from it. The sheltered harbor had(More)
One way to remedy the gap that currently exists between software engineering and human computer interaction is to expose undergraduate students to the ideas, concepts, processes, methodologies and jargon of each field of endeavor. In teaching both software engineering and human computer interaction courses to undergraduates, I have found places where topics(More)
Industry standard circuit simulators use mathematical techniques that do not always guarantee a successful simulation outcome, resulting in a significant loss of productivity as the circuit designer attempts to diagnose the source of the failure. This paper addresses the problem of improving the diagnosis of circuit simulation non-convergence through(More)
The object oriented paradigm is sweeping the world of computer science and many educators advocate an object oriented programming language for CS1. At our school a large proportion of our student body consists of non-traditional students who are either starting college later, changing fields, or brushing up on their skills. We wanted to determine if older,(More)