Mary Jackowski

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Rod sensitivity was measured with a criterion-free psychophysical method at 10 deg in the horizontal meridian of the nasal field of the left eye on 26 young (mean age, 24.1 yr) and 14 older (mean age 72.6 yr) observers in good ocular health. A 1 deg, 90 msec stimulus was delivered by means of a free-viewing optical system under computer control. Stimulus(More)
Patients who have sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI) often experience a new, intense and chronic photophobia. Photophobia, an intolerance to light, is an incompletely understood, subjective symptom, which has been divided into ocular and central types. Various commercial sources of light-filtering lenses have been developed, which have proven to be(More)
Effective identification of HLA specificities to which a prospective transplant recipient has antibodies depends on how effective the most sensitive assay is in detecting these antibodies. To ascertain the assay's efficacy, the results of antibody screening of patients on the waiting list for a second transplant were studied. A commercially available panel(More)
Interactive tools for segmenting D and D images are presented These tools allow a user to quickly revise a segmentation result obtained from an automatic method A thresholding technique is described that nds a unique threshold value for each homogeneous region in an image The threshold value is found such that variance in the region is minimized under(More)
The mean fluorescent intensity obtained using single antigen beads does not represent the titer of the serum sample very well because the degree of saturation of the antigen on the bead varies by individual bead and the human leukocyte antigen antibody-binding site on the bead may not duplicate the activity of the serum's antibodies in vivo. The flow(More)
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