Mary J. Stenson

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Deregulated mRNA translation has been implicated in disease development and in part is controlled by a eukaryotic initiation complex eIF4F (composed of eIF4E, eIF4G and eIF4A). We demonstrate here that the cap bound fraction from lymphoma cells was enriched with eIF4G and eIF4E indicating that lymphoma cells exist in an activated translational state.(More)
PTPN6 (SHP1) is a tyrosine phosphatase that negatively controls the activity of multiple signaling pathways including STAT signaling, however role of mutated PTPN6 is not much known. Here we investigated whether PTPN6 might also be a potential target for diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and performed Sanger sequencing of the PTPN6 gene. We have(More)
Caffeine's effect on aerobic performance has been well documented and supplementation results in significant improvements in performance 1 Less research has been done documenting caffeine's effect on anaerobic performance Performance improvements in anaerobic tests are evident if the dosage is at least 4 mg/kg 2,3 Smaller doses may not improve performance,(More)
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