Mary J Pennington

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The regular consumption of a palatable bran biscuit ( Fibermed ) improved bowel function and reduced laxative requirement in an elderly population in a long-stay geriatric unit. It was also associated with a significant increase in stool weight in a group of patients with distal colostomies. Fibermed would appear to be a useful dietary supplement for(More)
BACKGROUND The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) conducted a study to examine the risk of spontaneous abortion (SAB) in British female semiconductor industry workers, following reports from the USA which suggested an association between risk of SAB and work in fabrication rooms and/or exposure to ethylene glycol ethers. METHODS A nested case-control(More)
We report a pair of brothers who have leukoencephalopathy, arthritis, colitis, and hypogammaglobulinemia. Both presented initially with seizures in the early postnatal period. They have significant developmental delay, and brain MRIs demonstrate leukoencephalopathy, characterized by profound hypomyelination. They have developed arthritis, which in one(More)
PROBLEM The confidence to act on clinical judgment, ask for help, and juggle multiple competing priorities is best developed within a clinical setting. Traditional classroom learning, which is often static, does not support learning these skills or help new students learn how to "be" a nurse. Student nurses need frequent and repeated exposure to expert(More)
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