Mary J. George

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PURPOSE The objective of this study was to determine whether alteration in mucins could be detected in patients with dry eye symptoms by using the monoclonal antibody H185, which recognizes carbohydrate epitopes on mucin molecules. METHODS Immunohistochemistry and immunoelectron microscopy was used to examine binding of H185 antibody to conjunctival cells(More)
Intense femtosecond laser excitation can produce transient states of matter that would otherwise be inaccessible to laboratory investigation. At high excitation densities, the interatomic forces that bind solids and determine many of their properties can be substantially altered. Here, we present the detailed mapping of the carrier density-dependent(More)
The ideal design of an airplane should include built-in sensors that are pre-blended in the perfect aerodynamic shape. Each built-in sensor is expensive to blend in and requires continuous maintenance and data processing, so we would like to use as few sensors as possible. The ideal formulation of the corresponding optimization problem is, e.g., to minimize(More)
One of the most important characteristics of the plane is its weight: every pound shaved oo the plane means a pound added to the carrying ability of this plane. As a result, planes are made as light as possible , with its \skin" as thin as possible. However, the thinner the layer, the more vulnerable is the resulting structure to stresses and faults, and a(More)
The inverse problem is usually diicult because the signal (image) that we want to reconstruct is weak. Since it is weak, we can usually neglect quadratic and higher order terms, and consider the problem to be linear. Since the problem is linear, methods of solving this problem are also, mainly, linear (with the notable exception of the necessity to take(More)
Flight is a very stressful experience for materials and structures. As a result, even small faults in aerospace structures can lead to catastrophic results. It is therefore desirable to test the structural integrity of an airplane and/or a space structure before the ight (and ideally, in-ight as well) and detect potential faults. In this paper, we show that(More)
Celestial bodies such as galaxies, stellar clusters, planetary systems, etc., have diierent geometric shapes (e.g., galaxies can be spiral or circular, etc.). Usually, complicated physical theories are used to explain these shapes; for example, several dozen diierent theories explain why many galaxies are of spiral shape. Some rare shapes are still diicult(More)
Development of methods to evaluate certain classes of polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAC) detected in complex mixtures to which humans are exposed would greatly improve the diagnostic potential of 32P-postlabeling analysis. Identification of DNA adduct patterns or specific exposure-related marker adducts would strengthen associations between observed DNA(More)
Femtosecond time-resolved small and wide angle x-ray diffuse scattering techniques are applied to investigate the ultrafast nucleation processes that occur during the ablation process in semiconducting materials. Following intense optical excitation, a transient liquid state of high compressibility characterized by large-amplitude density fluctuations is(More)