Mary I W Thompson

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A review of records was carried out to examine the results obtained when people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) received 40 sessions of training that combined neurofeedback with the teaching of metacognitive strategies. While not a controlled scientific study, the results, including pre- and post-measures, are consistent with previously published(More)
INTRODUCTION The degree of generalisability of patient databases to the general population is important for interpreting database research. This report describes the representativeness of The Health Improvement Network (THIN), a UK primary care database, of the UK population. METHODS Demographics, deprivation (Townsend), Quality and Outcomes Framework(More)
AIMS Respiratory infection may be associated with an increased risk of major cardiovascular events. This case-control study describes associations with these events of respiratory infection. METHODS AND RESULTS The IMS Disease Analyzer Mediplus primary care database was used to identify all cases of first-time diagnosis of myocardial infarction (MI) or(More)
PURPOSE To define periods of acceptable mortality reporting in primary care and to demonstrate through examples the implication for research using automated medical data. METHODS Annual death counts were obtained for each primary care practice participating in The Health Improvement Network "THIN" (UK). Expected counts were calculated from national death(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVES To determine the usefulness of select balance and functional mobility measures in predicting fall risk in community dwelling persons with brain injury (BI) and to develop a model to quantify fall risk. RESEARCH DESIGN An exploratory pilot study to predict fall risk in persons with BI. Non-manipulated independent variable was fall status(More)
PURPOSE The study was designed to determine whether relationships exist among knee muscle spasticity, isometric knee muscle strength, knee muscle balance, gross motor function, and walking efficiency in children with spastic cerebral palsy and to evaluate the relative contributions of impairment measures to functional outcome measures. METHODS(More)
The aims of this study were to explore the feasibility of structured aerobic exercise followed by a period of unstructured physical activity and determine the impact of such exercise on cognition, mood, and quality of life in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). A convenience sample of 9 individuals with relapsing-remitting MS performed 30 minutes of(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a centile chart of cervical length between 18 and 32 weeks of gestation in a low-risk population of women. METHODS A prospective longitudinal cohort study of women with a low risk, singleton pregnancy using public healthcare facilities in Cape Town, South Africa. Transvaginal measurement of cervical length was performed between 16(More)
OBJECTIVE Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are commonly prescribed for epilepsy and bipolar disorder but little is known about their use in pregnancy. We examined secular trends in AED prescribing in pregnancy and pregnancy as a determinant for stopping AED prescribing. METHODS We identified 174,055 pregnancies from The Health Improvement Network UK primary(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the proportion of emergency department (ED) attendances that would be suitable for primary care and the inter-rater reliability of general practitioner (GP) assessment of primary care suitability. DESIGN OF STUDY Survey of GPs' agreement of suitability for primary care on a random anonymised sample of all ED patients attending over a(More)