Mary I. Dereshiwsky

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This study investigated both quantitative and qualitative differences between subjects with and without learning disabilities (LD) across three grade levels on two tasks requiring active processing of story grammar. There was no evidence, for either task, of developmental differences in relation to either story comprehension or production. However, there(More)
In the beginning was the word. It was used for tutoring by Socrates and for lecturing by men of wisdom. And the word was good. Men inscribed words in stone and on papyrus, and replicated it using wooden blocks and ink. This made words cheap and they could be transmitted to millions of people. Distance learning was invented using a principle called(More)
My friend took an assignment to teach on line. He thought it would be less work because the class was small, and he could do the work from home in time segments at his convenience. I wondered how long it would take for his myth to find reality. A few weeks later I saw him again. He was not having the easy life he'd planned. In the lecture world he told(More)
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