Mary-Hunter McDonnell

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Six home care services in Southern Ireland collected data on a total of 757 patients over a 6-month period. Patient and family well-being were measured using the staff-rated Support Team Assessment Schedule and Karnofsky Index. Five hundred and eight patients died while in care, 75% of whom died at home. At referral, 32% of families were rated as having(More)
Torture is prohibited by statutes worldwide, yet the legal definition of torture is almost invariably based on an inherently subjective judgment involving pain severity. In four experiments, we demonstrate that judgments of whether specific interrogation tactics constitute torture are subject to an empathy gap: People who are experiencing even a mild(More)
The current research found that participants who had previously endured an emotionally distressing event (e.g., bullying) more harshly evaluated another person's failure to endure a similar distressing event compared with participants with no experience enduring the event or those currently enduring the event. These effects emerged for naturally occurring(More)
In this paper, we show that corporate targets " responses to social movements are a function of impression management to counteract perceived image threats created by movement tactics. An image threat occurs when an organization " s audiences or reference publics are given reason to doubt its reliability or claimed conformity to socially acceptable(More)
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