Mary Gray

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The evolution of social technology and research methods present ongoing challenges to studying people online. Recent high-profile cases have prompted discussion among both the research community and the general public about the ethical implications of researching humans, their information, and their activities in large-scale digital contexts. Examples of(More)
  • Abuse R E Goldsmith, Jennifer J Freyd, Anne P Deprince, Chris Baker, Carrie Bettenhausen, Angela Binder +10 others
  • 2009
Although childhood abuse is strongly associated with psychological difficulties, survivors may not perceive their experiences as abusive. Depression, anxiety, dissociation, and physical health complaints may decrease perceptions of abuse and may also be exacerbated by individuals' abuse perceptions. The current study examined abuse perceptions, abuse(More)
  • Jennifer Meta Robinson, Robert Terrill, Mary Gray, Joan Hawkins, Phaedra
  • 2014
Websites: See Oncourse for electronic readings The classroom with all its limitations remains a location of possibility. Every course is inherently an investigation. This seminar is designed to help graduate students in the Department of Communication and Culture become more effective educators and to spark(More)
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