Mary Gound

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CONTEXT Adolescent sexual activity in the United states is prevalent and occurring increasingly early, particularly among minority groups. Other risk behaviors (e.g., alcohol consumption) often co-occur with sexual behavior. By examining the association of risk and adaptive behaviors with precursors of sexual behavior--specifically, sexual intentions--it(More)
The present study examined attitude congruence between mothers and their pre-adolescent children regarding the precursors of sexual behavior (i.e., having a boyfriend/girlfriend, dating), timing of sexual initiation (i.e., waiting until marriage to have sex), and the potential consequences of sexual behavior (i.e., the seriousness of pregnancy and AIDS). A(More)
In two experiments on very young children's response to the orientation of pictures and objects, 18-, 24- and 30-month-old children showed no preference for upright pictures over inverted ones. More importantly, we found that children in all three age groups were equally accurate and equally fast at identifying depicted objects regardless of orientation.(More)
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