Mary Gardiner

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Budding yeast Slx4 interacts with the structure-specific endonuclease Slx1 to ensure completion of ribosomal DNA replication. Slx4 also interacts with the Rad1-Rad10 endonuclease to control cleavage of 3' flaps during repair of double-strand breaks (DSBs). Here we describe the identification of human SLX4, a scaffold for DNA repair nucleases XPF-ERCC1,(More)
R Ru uf fu us s I Is sa aa ac cs s, , J Ju ul li ia an nn na a T Tu ue el ll l, , A An nn na a F Fi ie ed dl le er r, , M Ma ar ry y G Ga ar rd di in ne er r, , a an nd d D Do ou ug g L La an nd di is s This article is citable (as shown above) and is released from embargo once it is posted to the Frontiers e-View site ( Please(More)
This paper looks at the problem of valence shifting, rewriting a text to preserve much of its meaning but alter its sentiment characteristics. There has only been a small amount of previous work on the task, which appears to be more difficult than researchers anticipated, not least in agreement between human judges regarding whether a text had indeed had(More)
We present a machine learning approach to identifying and resolving one-anaphora. In this approach, the system first learns to distinguish different uses of instances of the word one; in the second stage, the antecedents of those instances of one that are classified as anaphoric are then determined. We evaluated our approach on written texts drawn from the(More)
Production of biofuel feedstocks in agricultural landscapes will result in land use changes that may have major implications for arthropod-mediated ecosystem services such as pollination and pest suppression. By comparing the abundance and diversity of insect pollinators and generalist natural enemies in three model biofuel crops: corn, switchgrass, and(More)
In 2003, under the auspices of the main UK funders of biological and biomedical research, a working group was established with a remit to review potential welfare issues for genetically altered (GA) mice, to summarize current practice, and to recommend contemporary best practice for welfare assessments. The working group has produced a report which makes(More)
We present a question answering system that combines information at the lexical, syntactic, and semantic levels, in the process to find and rank the candidate answer sentences. The candidate exact answers are extracted from the candidate answer sentences by means of a combination of information-extraction techniques (named entity recognition) and patterns(More)
ATM (ataxia-telangiectasia mutated), ATR (ATM- and Rad3-related) and DNA-PK (DNA-dependent protein kinase), important regulators of genome stability, belong to the PIKK (phosphoinositide 3-kinase-like kinase) family of protein kinases. In the present study, DNA-affinity chromatography was used to identify DNA-binding proteins phosphorylated by these(More)