Mary Frecker

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A procedure to obtain a topology of an optimal structure considering flexibility is presented. The methodology is based on a mutual energy concept for formulation of flexibility and the homogenization method. A multi-objective optimization problem is formulated as an application of compliant mechanism design. Some examples of the design of compliant(More)
(2010) 'Supporting knowledge exploration and discovery in multi-dimensional data with interactive multiscale visualisation', This article may be used for research, teaching and private study purposes. Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution , reselling , loan or sub-licensing, systematic supply or distribution in any form to anyone is(More)
Recently, smoothly-deforming aircraft structures have been investigated for their ability to adapt to varying flight conditions. Researchers aim to achieve large changes in the shape of the wings: area changes of up to 50% and aspect-ratio changes of up to 200% are being pursued. The research described in this paper aims to develop a structural concept(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques will require new types of instrument end-effectors for smaller, longer, and flexible instruments. These include a new class of multifunctional instruments capable of performing more than 1 task with a single set of working jaws. Furthermore, it is desired that multifunctional instruments be(More)
Despite the apparent advantages of and recent advances in the use of visualization in engineering design and optimization, we have found little evidence in the engineering literature that assesses the impact of fast, graphical design interfaces on the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering design decisions or the design optimization process. In this(More)
Publications Lien's advisees indicated by: graduate (‡), undergraduates (†) students and interns () Special edition of [P65] featuring selected papers. Listed by CAGD as one of the most cited paper since 2007.
This paper presents the stability analysis of the leading edge spar of a flapping wing unmanned air vehicle with a compliant spine inserted in it. The compliant spine is a mechanism that was designed to be flexible during the upstroke and stiff during the downstroke. Inserting a variable stiffness mechanism into the leading edge spar affects its structural(More)