Mary Ferramosca

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Duodenal diverticuli are often asymptomatic and are occasionally found during the course of X-ray tests or autopsy. They are sometimes manifested in the form of symptoms related to a complication (hemorrhage, perforation, occlusion). The paper reports a case of gastrointestinal hemorrhage caused by a duodenal diverticulum which was then successfully(More)
Personal experience on 10 patients splenectomised for trauma and subjected to splenic autotransplantation on omental pockets is reported. After describing autotransplant candidate selection criteria and the surgical technique followed, the flattering results are reported. Particularly interesting was the fact that no local suppuration was encountered and(More)
The authors describe their experience with colo-rectal haemorrhage. They stress the tendency towards spontaneous arrest of such haemorrhages (92.6% of cases) as the usefulness of emergency colonoscopy in diagnosing the cause and/or site of the haemorrhagic lesion (85.7% of positive results in the present series). Therapy may be conservative (endoscopic or(More)
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