Mary Farrelly

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AIM OF THE STUDY The aim of the study was to describe the role and function of all grades of psychiatric nurse in clinical practice so as to clarify the nature and scope of psychiatric nursing services. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE The psychiatric nursing role in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK) in recent years has undergone a period of great change. There(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses working with patients with advanced heart failure need knowledge that will help us to help patients cope with their situations of chronic illness. However, our knowledge bank is deficient due to the scarcity of inquiry that takes the affected person's point of view as its central focus. AIM The aim of this study was to describe patients'(More)
BACKGROUND Economic analysis of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) should consider the incentives facing institutional decision-makers. To avoid overstating the financial benefits of infection prevention, fixed and variable costs should be distinguished. AIM To quantify CDI fixed and variable costs in a tertiary referral hospital during August 2015. (More)
When a group of 10 patients who had received surgery for carcinoma of the larynx were compared with 10 control patients who had received radiotherapy for carcinoma of the larynx, four of the former but none of the latter were found to be suffering from depression, a statistically significant difference. Depression was associated with poor communication(More)
The effectiveness of an early intervention program to remediate developmental delays in children age birth to 3 years was examined in part- and full-time groups (Study 1). Significant improvements on age-appropriate measures of developmental standing were observed for both groups, with the greatest gains observed for the full-time group. In Study 2, the(More)
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