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Mothers and children : feminist analyses and personal narratives
This feminist exploration of mothers, mothering, and motherhood combines evaluations of empirical and theoretical work with personal narratives by mothers or caregivers. While the authors' analysesExpand
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Contemporary Feminist Theory: A Text / Reader
Introduction Combahee River Collective, "A Black Feminist Statement" Judith Lorber, "Beyond the Binaries: Depolarizing the Categories of Sex, Sexuality, and Gender" The Matrix of Domination andExpand
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Instrumental and Infra-Resources: The Bases of Power
The definition of power, which is increasingly incorporated in sociological analyses, remains ambiguous. This paper attempts to elucidate the nature of power in two ways. First, the concept isExpand
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Contemporary Feminist Theory
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This article offers both a feminist and an ethnomethodological reanalysis of Harold Garfinkel's report on Agnes, the intersexed person he studied with several colleagues. Both reanalyses yieldExpand
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Goffman on Power, Hierarchy, and Status
Among the most commonly overlooked set of insights offered by Erving Goffman is his commentary, comprised of both explicit and implicit elements, on the interrelationship among power, hierarchy, andExpand
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Multicultural experiences, multicultural theories
This reader in multicultural social theory provides selections from a wide range of multicultural theorists that include Feminist, Queer, Afrocentric, Native American, Chicana, and Asian AmericanExpand
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