Mary Ellen Rudin

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Book Review ways in which the practices and ideology of this [math-ematical] community create an atmosphere that prevents women from being completely accepted as full-fledged mem-bers? " (p. xvii) Addressing this question meant that Henrion would have to identify the " ideology " of the mathematical community and investigate the impact of this ideology on(More)
We prove that if µ + < λ = cf(λ) < µ ℵ 0 for some regular µ > 2 ℵ 0 , then there is no family of less than µ ℵ 0 c-algebras of size λ which are jointly universal for c-algebras of size λ. On the other hand, it is consistent to have a cardinal λ ≥ ℵ 1 as large as desired and satisfying λ <λ = λ and 2 λ + > λ ++ , while there are λ ++ c-algebras of size λ +(More)
We give an example of a first countable, hereditarily normal, homogeneous Eberlein compact space which is not metrizable. This answers a question of A. V. ArhangeΓskiϊ. 1* Introduction* A compact Hausdorff space is called Eberlein compact, if it is homeomorphic to a weakly compact subset of a Banach space. For information concerning Eberlein compact spaces,(More)
For a compact monotonically normal space X we prove: (1) X has a dense set of points with a well-ordered neighborhood base (and so X is co-absolute with a compact orderable space); (2) each point of X has a well-ordered neighborhood π-base (answering a question of Arhangel'skii); (3) X is hereditarily paracompact iff X has countable tightness. In the(More)