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This study compares associations between demographic profiles, long bone lengths, bone mineral content, and frequencies of stress indicators in the preadult populations of two medieval skeletal assemblages from Denmark. One is from a leprosarium, and thus probably represents a disadvantaged group (Naestved). The other comes from a normal, and in comparison(More)
H A method for detection of aromatic organics in groundwater has been tested. It was found that use of surface-enhanced Raman scattering and an octadecylthiol coating on roughened silver produced a system which could partition the organics out of water into the strongly Raman enhanced region near the silver surface. The selectivity of the method was(More)
Patients with lung cancer experience muscle wasting and weakness. Therapeutic exercise may be beneficial but is not always practical. An alternative approach may be neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) of the quadriceps muscles, but this has not been formally examined in patients with cancer. Thus, we have undertaken this pilot study to assess(More)
BACKGROUND Staging schemas have changed multiple times over the past 10 years. OBJECTIVE We sought to examine the impact of staging schemas on the distribution of stages at diagnosis over time. METHODS We examined the stage at diagnosis for melanoma cancer cases diagnosed between 1999 and 2006 using data provided by the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and(More)
This study compares the infant mortality profiles of 128 infants from two urban and two rural cemetery sites in medieval England. The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of urbanization and industrialization in terms of endogenous or exogenous causes of death. In order to undertake this analysis, two different methods of estimating gestational age(More)
AIM Little is known about the working practices of community children's nurses and how they manage the complexities of working with children and young people with life-limiting, life-threatening and chronic ill-health conditions and their families. This action research project aimed to find ways of managing community children's nursing caseloads that would(More)
Puberty forms an important threshold between childhood and adulthood, but this subject has received little attention in bioarchaeology. The new application of clinical methods to assess pubertal stage in adolescent skeletal remains is explored, concentrating on the development of the mandibular canine, hamate, hand phalanges, iliac crest and distal radius.(More)
BACKGROUND The cachexia-anorexia syndrome impacts on patients' physical independence and quality of life. New treatments are required and need to be evaluated using acceptable and reliable outcome measures, e.g. the assessment of muscle function. The aims of this study were to: (i) examine the acceptability and reliability of the Cybex NORM dynamometer to(More)
The morbidity and mortality profiles of 831 non-adult skeletons from four contrasting sites in medieval and postmedieval England were compared to assess whether urbanization and later industrialization, had a detrimental effect on the health of the inhabitants. Failure in the population's ability to adapt to these environments should be evident in the(More)