Mary - Elena Carr

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INTRODUCTION No information exists on therapeutic or toxic concentrations of tetrahydrozoline, which has been reported to be used in drug facilitated sexual assaults. The primary aim of this investigation was to establish baseline therapeutic serum and urine concentrations in a sample of healthy volunteers. METHODS Ten healthy volunteers consented to have(More)
The first two years of SeaWiFS (Sea viewing Wide Field of view Sensor) data (1997–1999) are used to document the variability of large-scale surface chlorophyll patterns within the coastal region along the full latitudinal extent of each of the four major global eastern boundary currents; the California, Humboldt, Benguela and Canary Currents. Seasonal(More)
BACKGROUND Stereotypes and prejudicial misconceptions are prevalent regarding sexual assaults and victims' responses. These are collectively referred to as rape myths. This study examines three rape myths purporting that sexual assault victims (1) immediately report the crime, (2) experience severe physical and/or anogenital injuries, and (3) forcefully(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have shown that family members wish to be present during the resuscitation of a family member. No studies have addressed whether the patient would want family members present if he or she required resuscitation. The authors wanted to determine patients' preferences regarding family member presence during their own resuscitation.(More)
Polypharmacy, the use of multiple medications concurrently, is common among the elderly. Beers and Ouslander report that older North Americans consume 4.5 medications on average at any one time. In Canada, seniors take 25 per cent of all prescriptions but comprise only 12 per cent of the population. And according to Cartwright, 50 per cent of Britain's(More)