Mary E. Thompson

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OBJECTIVE To test and develop, using structural equation modeling, a robust model of the mediational pathways through which health warning labels exert their influence on smokers' subsequent quitting behavior. METHOD Data come from the International Tobacco Control Four-Country Survey, a longitudinal cohort study conducted in Australia, Canada, the United(More)
This paper describes the design features, data collection methods and analytical strategies of the ITC China Survey, a prospective cohort study of 800 adult smokers and 200 adult non-smokers in each of six cities in China. In addition to features and methods which are common to ITC surveys in other countries, the ITC China Survey possesses unique features(More)
BACKGROUND Although socio-economic factors have been identified as one of the most important groups of neighbourhood-level risks affecting birth outcomes, uncertainties still exist concerning the pathways through which they are transferred to individual risk factors. This poses a challenge for setting priorities and developing appropriate community-oriented(More)
In this article, a new method for performance evaluation of Turbo-like codes is presented. This is based on estimating the Probability Density Function (pdf) of the bit Log-Likelihood-Ratio (LLR) using higher order statistics. We do not restrict ourselves to any specific model for the pdf and try to estimate it directly using a Cumulant matching method.(More)
The International Tobacco Control (ITC) Policy Evaluation Survey of China uses a multi-stage unequal probability sampling design with upper level clusters selected by the randomized systematic PPS sampling method. A difficulty arises in the execution of the survey: several selected upper level clusters refuse to participate in the survey and have to be(More)
BACKGROUND Web interviewing is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, because it has several advantages over telephone interviewing such as lower costs and shorter fieldwork periods. However, there are also concerns about data quality of web surveys. The aim of this study was to compare the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Netherlands web and telephone(More)
Guided by the extended parallel process model (EPPM) and reactance theory, this study examined the relationship between efficacy beliefs, reactance, and adult smokers' responses to pictorial health warning labels (HWL) on cigarette packaging, including whether efficacy beliefs or reactance modify the relationship between HWL responses and subsequent smoking(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the lack of small-scale neighbourhood-level health related indicators, the analysis of social and spatial determinants of health often encounter difficulties in assessing the interrelations of neighbourhood and health. Although secondary data sources are now becoming increasingly available, they usually cannot be directly utilized for(More)
The fish abundance index over an ocean region is defined here to be the integral of expected catch per unit effort (CPUE), approximated by the sum of expected CPUE over grid squares. When trawl surveys are done within grid squares selected according to a probability sampling design, several other sources of variation such as the fish population dynamics and(More)
Robillard's (1972) approach to obtaining an expression for the cumulant generating function of the null distribution of Kendall's S statistic, when one ranking is tied, is extended to the general case where both rankings are tied. An expression is obtained for the cumulant generating function and it is used to provide a direct proof of the asymptotic(More)