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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the psychosocial and behavioural impact of the first ever national level comprehensive workplace smoke-free law, implemented in Ireland in March 2004. DESIGN Quasi-experimental prospective cohort survey: parallel cohort telephone surveys of national representative samples of adult smokers in Ireland (n = 769) and the UK (n = 416),(More)
This paper describes the effect of site of lesion on auditory detection, discrimination and speech processing. Three groups of ten patients with confirmed pathology of the eighth nerve and right and left temporal cortex and two normal-hearing control groups, differing with respect to hospitalization, participated. In each of the fifty subjects, measurements(More)
Zooxanthellate cnidarians are trophically complex, relying on both autotrophy and heterotrophy. Although several aspects of heterotrophy have been studied in these organisms, information linking prey capture with digestion is still missing. We used prey-specific PCR-based tools to assess feeding and prey digestion of two zooxanthellate cnidarians - the(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the lack of small-scale neighbourhood-level health related indicators, the analysis of social and spatial determinants of health often encounter difficulties in assessing the interrelations of neighbourhood and health. Although secondary data sources are now becoming increasingly available, they usually cannot be directly utilized for(More)
Although greater alcohol consumption has been associated with decreased odds of quitting smoking in prospective studies, the aspects of drinking most strongly associated with quitting have not been fully explored and examination of potential confounder variables has been limited. Further studies are needed to inform efforts to enhance smoking cessation(More)
BACKGROUND There is increasing recognition that the two measures in the Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI), time to first cigarette of the day (TTFC) and daily consumption (cigarettes per day [CPD]), are strong predictors of quitting behavior. METHODS Use of Waves 1-4 of International Tobacco Control cohort with around 8,000 respondents per wave and 6,000(More)
A persistent nasal carrier of Staphlylococcus aiureus tends to harbour the same phage type of organism for many months (Williams, 1946: Rountree and Barbour, 1951 : Gould and MeKillop, 1954). At the same time it has been shown that nurses in hospital possess a high carriage rate for penicillin-resistant Staph. aureus (Barber, Hayhoe, and Whitehead, 1949;(More)
INTRODUCTION The Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI) is the measure of dependence most strongly predictive of relapse. However, recent research suggests it may not be predictive of longer-term relapse. Our aim was to examine its predictive power over the first 2 years after quitting and explore whether use of stop-smoking medications is a moderator. METHODS(More)