Mary E S Breton

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of comprehensive case management (CM) and expanded insurance benefits on use of hospice and acute health care services among enrollees in a national health plan. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective cohort design with three intervention groups, each matched to a historical control group. METHODS(More)
A compact aneutronic fusion engine will enable more challenging exploration missions in the solar system. This engine uses a deuterium-helium-3 reaction to produce fusion energy by employing a novel field-reversed magnetic field configuration (FRC). The FRC has a simple linear solenoidal coil configuration yet generates higher plasma pressures for a given(More)
We report our first results on the frequency control of an AlGaAs laser diode by resonant phase-conjugate reflection from an atomic rubidium vapor. When the electrical feedback technique is used, the Allan variance reaches a flicker floor such that sigma(y)(2)(tau) = 1.6 x 10(-19) tau(0) for tau > 1s. We also demonstrate that laser frequency locking can be(More)
Second-harmonic generation of a semiconductor distributed-feedback laser at 1560 nm is described. It is produced by use of a 4.8-mm-long KNbO(3) crystal at room temperature. As much as 2.2 nW of power at 780 nm is obtained for 11.3 mW of fundamental power incident upon the crystal. This signal is used to interrogate a component of the linear absorption(More)
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