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Three studies are described in which measures of perceived social support from friends (PSS-Fr) and from family (PSS-Fa) were developed and validated. The PSS measures were internally consistent and appeared to measure valid constructs that were separate from each other and from network measures. PSS-Fr and PSS-Fa were both inversely related to symptoms of(More)
14 heterozygote patients, belonging to three families with factor VII Padua defect were investigated. All patients were asymptomatic but presented a mild prolongation of prothrombin time. Factor VII activity varied between 45 and 61% of normal and no overlap was found with the homozygous or the normal populations. On the contrary, factor VII cross-reacting(More)
A "new" antithrombin III abnormality is described in four members of a family. The proposita is a 38 years old female who showed no thrombotic disease and the following laboratory pattern: normal routine clotting tests, normal or near normal AT III activity (chromogenic substrates S-2238 and Chromozym Th) both in plasma and in serum and in the presence or(More)
The pathogenesis of branch retinal vein occlusion has not been completely clarified. The role of abnormal blood viscosity in the appearance and evolution of the disease has recently been advocated. We studied 54 patients with long-standing branch retinal vein occlusion from a hemorrheologic point of view. Depending on the extension of retinal ischemia, two(More)
In twelve subjects with Polycythemia vera (P.V.) whole blood, plasma and relative viscosities and the main factors capable of influencing such parameters (Hct, RBCs, WBCs and platelet count, total proteins, gamma-globulins and fibrinogen) were investigated. Ten normal subjects of similar age and sex were studied as control. Whole blood viscosity was(More)
Homogamous assortative mating is examined in the context of intergenerational processes and the migration experience in two generations of Puerto Rican families in New York City: mothers and fathers in a parent generation (100 pairs) and their married child and the child's spouse in the child generation (100 pairs). The variables used to examine(More)
Seventy-one doctoral programs in professional psychology were surveyed with respect to the incidence of students' professional deficiencies and related procedures. Professional deficiencies, particularly limited clinical skills and personality/emotional problems, were reported by 89% of the respondents, twice the number that have official policies for(More)
The influences of coping strategies and of perceived social support from family and friends on the psychological adjustment of intravenous drug users (IVDUs) with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were investigated. Twenty-seven male AIDS patients with a history of intravenous drug use completed a demographic questionnaire, Trails-B, the Ways of(More)
The current study presents preliminary correlational data used to develop a model depicting the psychosocial pathways that lead to the health behaviors of survivors of childhood and young-adult cancer. Data collected from a sample of 18- to 30-year-old cancer survivors (n = 125) was used to examine the relations among interpersonal support and nonsupport,(More)
In investigations made in 32 patients with haemophilia A and 28 patients with haemophilia B the possibility of utilizing the trypsin clotting time (K-test) was tested in diagnosing both diseases. 23 plasmas of healthy test persons were used as controls and revealed a mean value of the K-test amounting to 24.52 +/- 0.75 seconds. With a mean value amounting(More)