Mary E Palmer

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BACKGROUND Adverse events associated with dietary supplements are difficult to monitor in the USA, because such products are not registered before sale, and there is little information about their content and safety. METHODS In 1998, 11 poison control centres in the USA recorded details of 2332 telephone calls about 1466 ingestions of dietary supplements,(More)
Temporal mechanisms that influence the synchrony of gender expression and the patterns of withinplant pollen flow were examined in Amianthium muscatoxicum. In this species self-incompatible pollinations can clog stigmas, interfere with the growth of outcrossed pollen tubes, and reduce fecundity. The majority of flowers have partial dichogamy: a two-day(More)
The ecological potential for multiple mating is high in Amianthium muscaetoxicum. The percentage of long-distance pollinations (20–100 m) is greater than reported for most insect-pollinated systems. Estimations of neighborhood area are at least an order of magnitude larger than any previously reported for plant species. Seasonal effects on fluorescent dust(More)
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