Mary E. Natoli

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This work aims to develop a repeatable enzyme entrapment method that preserves activity within an amicable environment while resisting activity reduction in the presence of environmental challenges. Advances in such methods have wide potential use in biosensor applications. In this work β-galactosidase (lactase) enzyme was entrapped within hydrogel matrices(More)
Quantification of ammonia in whole blood has applications in the diagnosis and management of many hepatic diseases, including cirrhosis and rare urea cycle disorders, amounting to more than 5 million patients in the United States. Current techniques for ammonia measurement suffer from limited range, poor resolution, false positives or large, complex sensor(More)
Each day, approximately 830 women and 7400 newborns die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Improving maternal and neonatal health will require bringing rapid diagnosis and treatment to the point of care in low-resource settings. However, to date there are few diagnostic tools available that can be used at the point of care to detect the(More)
Diblock and triblock copolymers of poly(styrene)-block-poly(1,2-butadiene) (PS/PB) and PS/PB/PS were modified by photochemical thiol−ene chemistry to process selected functional nanopatterned polymers, with reaction completion in 1 h. PB molecular weight (MW) and thiol−ene ratios were systematically varied based on a model monomer, boc-cysteamine, to(More)
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