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The papers in this Special Issue of Educational Technology and Society are extensions of presentations TxDLA is pleased that our collaboration with IFETS has afforded the opportunity to present these papers for publication in their official Journal. The eight extended papers presented here were selected as representative of the issues, topics, and(More)
All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgement First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents. It is their continual support and encouragement that have cultivated a lifelong passion for learning in me. Even as a little child, they have never turned me away from a " why " question. In addition, they are always reminding me 跌倒不應放棄 – " never give up despite(More)
The emergence of complex global challenges at the convergence of human, animal, and environmental health has catalyzed a movement supporting "One Health" approaches. Despite recognition of the importance of One Health approaches to address these complex challenges, little effort has been directed at identifying the seminal knowledge, skills, and attitudes(More)
Economic migration is integral to processes of globalization, with large numbers of the global poor moving across borders in search of employment in the face of structural adjustment programs and large-scale displacement of the poor from traditional forms of livelihood. One such group are foreign domestic workers (FDWs). In this culture-centered study, we(More)
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