Mary E Harkins

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We previously demonstrated that the frequency of birth defects among children of residents of the Red River Valley (RRV), Minnesota, USA, was significantly higher than in other major agricultural regions of the state during the years 1989-1991, with children born to male pesticide applicators having the highest risk. The present, smaller cross-sectional(More)
Earlier studies by our group suggested the possibility that offspring of pesticide appliers might have increased risks of birth anomalies. To evaluate this hypothesis, 935 births to 34,772 state-licensed, private pesticide appliers in Minnesota occurring between 1989 and 1992 were linked to the Minnesota state birth registry containing 210,723 live births(More)
In the current study, there was a modest but significant increase in risk (1.6- to 2-fold) for miscarriages and/or fetal loss occurring throughout the year in the spouses of applicators who use fungicides. There is a surprisingly significant deficit in the number of male children born to the spouses of fungicide applicators. First-trimester miscarriages(More)
In preparation for a human study of worker exposure to grain fumigants and pesticides, we decided to screen commonly used fumigants for genotoxic effects in vitro. This research strategy was employed to test the possibility that structurally simple chemicals might have similar genotoxic properties in vivo and in vitro. As a first step, we designed our in(More)
In summary, the data presented here provides perspective on the analysis of cancer in a relatively small population of tool and die workers. Each part of the effort establishes evidence for or against the presence of a workplace carcinogenic effect. Overall, the weight of evidence leads to the hypothesis that cutting fluids are a likely candidate for(More)
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Initial results from our health survey in the Red River Valley of Minnesota suggested elevated cardiovascular mortality in men and women in younger age groups there compared with the rest of the state. Similarly, earlier published longitudinal studies of cardiovascular mortality in(More)
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