Mary E Burman

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Registered nurses who return to school in a nurse practitioner program undergo role transition throughout the educational process and into the postgraduate period. This study examined the role transition that occurs in family nurse practitioner (FNP) students. A descriptive, qualitative design was used with in-depth telephone interviews of 9 female FNPs who(More)
  • Mary E Burman
  • Rehabilitation nursing : the official journal of…
  • 2001
Less than 20% of stroke survivors enter rehabilitation or long-term care facilities after their stroke. Stroke recovery is extremely variable and the resulting uncertainty places a heavy burden on the survivors' family caregivers. According to the trajectory framework, chronic conditions have a defined course that can be shaped and managed. This grounded(More)
Data extracted from health records are commonly used in studies to address a variety of questions raised by health researchers. However, concern about the reliability and validity of such data generally is limited to an assessment of interrater reliability. Less attention has been paid to the reliability of the health record itself, and to the validity of(More)
New models of providing care to chronically ill persons are needed that can facilitate a more integrative approach to patient care. The purposes of this article are to describe the utilization of a theory synthesis process for development of a client-focused approach for advanced practice nurse (APN) management of chronic illness and to present the Model(More)
PURPOSE The movement to the doctor of nursing practice (DNP) is progressing rapidly with new programs emerging and curricular documents being developed. We argue that the implementation of the DNP is a good move for nursing, provided that we use the opportunity to reconceptualize the core of advanced practice nursing, especially nurse practitioner (NP)(More)
Though preventive health care can be beneficial, many children do not receive regular well-child care. To gain insight into the reasons for the underuse of well-child care, this qualitative study elicited consumers' views by examining how mothers in a rural state perceive well-child care, its benefits, and barriers to obtaining it. Twenty-one women in two(More)
BACKGROUND Although the widespread presence of girls who participate in fighting forces is increasingly recognized, they remain a highly marginalized group globally, receiving little attention either during or after armed conflict. This is especially true for "girl mothers," girls who return to communities with children born while members of fighting(More)
Health diaries have been used in research and clinical practice to examine the daily symptoms of healthy and ill people, responses to symptoms, and efficacy of symptom response. This article describes current uses of health diaries in nursing research and practice, the types of typical health diaries, factors affecting the quality of diary data, and the(More)
This study examines the role transition that occurs during RN-to-family nurse practitioner (FNP) education, described in an earlier qualitative study that identified a role transition framework of influential positive forces and obstacles. The purposes of the study were to validate the educational phase of the original framework and explore other role(More)