Mary E. Bernstein

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Synaptogenesis was studied in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) using quantitative ultrastructural analysis and synapsin I immunohistochemistry. SCN neurons are formed between embryonic days 13 and 17 (E13-E17), and the SCN is a distinct hypothalamic nucleus by E18. At E19 the nucleus is very immature and there are few synapses. Synaptogenesis proceeds(More)
The synaptology of the normal ventral horn of the rat was studied. Presynaptic boutons were classified as S (Spherical vesicles), F (flattened vesicles), and G (predominance of 700-1200 A granular vesicles). In addition, Cf, Cs, M, and T synaptic complexes were defined and quantitated. Synaptology was studied on alpha-motoneuron somata, alpha-motoneuron(More)
To study the regenerative capacity of the spinal cord in adult rat, presynaptic boutons were classified as S (spherical vesicles), F (flattened vesicles) and C complexes, and analysed statistically on alpha-motoneuron somata and lamina VII interneurons on the operated side in the first segment rostral to a spinal cord hemisection. Following chloral hydrate(More)