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Despite its common association with viral illnesses, intussusception has only rarely been found in the presence of bacterial infections. Two infants are described, both of whom were admitted to hospital with bilious vomiting, drowsiness, and dehydration. Both infants required urgent intravenous volume expansion. Intussusception was confirmed, and reduction(More)
Over the course of a career most physicians will manage only a handful of children through End Stage Lung Disease. Nonetheless, the approach of the physician to this challenge will have a profound impact on the children and families they encounter. Managing the end of life well can bring personal growth and professional satisfaction. In this review we(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the referral patterns of perinatal patients referred to a specialist palliative care service (SPCS), their demographics, diagnoses, duration of illness, place of death and symptom profile. DESIGN A retrospective chart review of all perinatal referrals over a 4-year period to the end of 2015. SETTING A consultant-led paediatric SPCS(More)
BACKGROUND Children's palliative care services are developing. Rational service development requires sound epidemiological data that are difficult to obtain owing to ambiguity in the definitions both of the population who needs palliative care and of palliative care itself. Existing definitions are of trajectory archetypes. The aim of this study was to(More)
The management of pain in the palliative care of children is somewhat different from that in adults. It also differs in approach from the management of other types of acute and chronic pain in childhood. Whereas once opioids were thought to be highly dangerous drugs, unsuitable for use in children, they have now taken their place as the mainstay for(More)
BACKGROUND Children's palliative care is a relatively new clinical specialty. Its nature is multi-dimensional and its delivery necessarily multi-professional. Numerous diverse public and not-for-profit organisations typically provide services and support. Because services are not centrally coordinated, they are provided in a manner that is inconsistent and(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the Irish pediatric cancer setting has not previously been established. METHODS To investigate the prevalence and predictors of CAM use in this group of patients, an anonymous cross-sectional survey was offered to all carers of patients either on or off treatment for malignancy at a(More)
This paper reports the findings from a Delphi Study undertaken to identify the research priorities in children's palliative care in Ireland. Palliative care for children is a small and highly specialised field of healthcare that focuses on improving the quality of life of children living with, or dying from, a life-limiting condition. Ideally, support for(More)
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