Mary Dean Lee

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To determine if serial measurements of transmural potential difference (TMPD) can serve as an early monitor of rejection in small bowel transplantation, three groups of rats were studied. The groups are defined as follows: (1) group 1, isolated loop (N = 5): 20 cm of distal jejunum was defunctionalized (Thiry-Vella loop); (2) group 2, isotransplant (N = 5):(More)
Serial measurement of urinary output has been one of the mainstays to gauge adequacy of hydration of the newborn surgical patient. Urine output, however, is dependent not only on circulating blood volume but also on osmolar load and the ability of the kidney to excrete solute and water. Therefore, a second measurement is necessary for more accurate(More)
Using congenic strains of rats, the effect on the rejection of small bowel transplants across isolated major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and nonMHC antigenic disparities was examined. The medial survival time of small bowel grafts across MHC differences in the LEW anti-LEW.1N and LEW.1N anti-LEW strain combinations was 14 and 12 days, respectively. The(More)
Over recent decades, the professional workforce and family structures have dramatically changed. For example, the dual-earner family is now the modal American family (Barnett, 2001). Only 17 per cent of families comprise a male breadwinner and a stay-at-home wife (US Department of Labor, 2004). According to the most recent National Survey of the Changing(More)
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