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Instant messaging (IM) has become one of the most popular forms of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and is especially prevalent on college campuses. Previous research suggests that IM users often multitask while conversing online. To date, no one has yet examined the cognitive effect of concurrent IM use. Participants in the present study (N = 69)(More)
SNZ1, a member of a highly conserved gene family, was first identified through studies of proteins synthesized in stationary-phase yeast cells. There are three SNZ genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, each of which has another highly conserved gene, named SNO (SNZ proximal open reading frame), upstream. The DNA sequences and relative positions of SNZ and SNO(More)
BACKGROUND Matricellular proteins are extracellular regulators of cellular adhesion, signaling and performing a variety of physiological behaviors such as proliferation, migration and differentiation. Within vascular microenvironments, matricellular proteins exert both positive and negative regulatory cues to vascular endothelium. The relative balance of(More)
 The University of Texas at Austin recently developed two online certificate programs. Both followed a standard development process, and both aimed at the use of an instructional model based on learning objectives. They were dissimilar in that one converted an existing, traditionally taught program, while the other was a completely new development. The(More)
Lesbians have been consistently ignored in empirical psychological research. The current research extends Lee and Crawford's ( 2007 ) comprehensive review, which used both quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyze the amount and kind of research on lesbians. Quantitative measures from 1975-2009 showed that the increase found in Lee and Crawford in(More)
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