Mary Cochrane

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that the tendency to be fearful of anxiety-related sensations, known as anxiety sensitivity, is closely associated with pain experiences. The aim of the current study was to determine the mechanisms by which such a relationship exists. Selective attentional and interpretative biases for negative material were compared as(More)
This study tested the assumption that measures of schizotypal personality provide non-clinical analogues of the heterogeneous symptomatology found in the schizophrenic disorder. The Oxford-Liverpool Inventory of Feelings and Experiences (O-LIFE) was administered to schizophrenic patients and healthy controls, and measures of symptomatology from the Scale(More)
This research consisted of two studies, the fundamental aim of which was to delineate the pattern of relationships between measures of cognitive task performance and both symptom subtypes in schizophrenia and their corresponding schizotypal personality traits in healthy individuals. Study 1 compared these relationships in healthy individuals using the(More)
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