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OBJECTIVE To establish the prevalence of leg ulceration in the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) mid-western region and to determine the level of assessment and treatment patients have been receiving in the local community. METHOD Before the introduction of a Doppler training programme, all public health and community health nurses working in the Irish(More)
BACKGROUND Arteriovenous fistulae (AVF) are preferred for haemodialysis access, but maturation is unpredictable. RESULTS Clinical examination alone is unreliable for AVF planning. Duplex ultrasonography may provide useful anatomical and physiological data to allow more accurate prediction of likely AVF success. CONCLUSION Selective use of duplex(More)
A surgical assessment unit (SAU) was established in October 2009 at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital. We assessed this servic in its initial year and compared it to Emergency Department (ED) services. We audited SAU and ED databases and theatre logbooks from November 2009 to October 2010. 1949 patients were referred to the SAU and 857 patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Venous leg ulceration is a chronic debilitating condition which negatively impacts on patients' quality of life. Despite the application of gold standard treatment a number of patients suffer from 'slow to heal' ulcers, which can require treatment for years. AIMS The aim of this study was to compare the effects of four-layer compression(More)
BACKGROUND Full-body CT scanning is increasingly being used in the initial evaluation of severely injured patients. We sought to analyse the literature to determine the benefits of full-body scanning in terms of mortality and length of time spent in the emergency department (ED). METHODS A systematic search of the Pubmed and Cochrane Library databases was(More)
BACKGROUND Establishing intravenous access is often vital in an acute hospital setting but can be difficult. Ultrasound-guided cannulation increases success rates in prospective studies. However, these studies have often lacked a comparative group. This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to determine the clinical effectiveness of Ultrasound-guided(More)
AIM Acute surgical patients are admitted to our regional hospital through the emergency department (ED) and through a new surgical assessment unit (SAU). The aim of this study was to compare the efficiency of the two units in seeing and assessing acute surgical patients, as well as patients' satisfaction with their experiences in both units. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND Arteriovenous fistula (AVF) formation for dialysis access is a common procedure. Fistula maturation is unpredictable. Preoperative duplex mapping may increase procedural success. We undertook a systematic review to assess the effect of preoperative duplex mapping on subsequent AVF patency. METHODS The published literature was searched on PubMed(More)
The use of surface neuromuscular electrical stimulation (SNMES) in medicine is well established. However, discomfort has been identified as limiting the use of SNMES in these applications. This pilot study investigated the influence of various electrode sizes and their positioning on perceived pain and discomfort during neuromuscular electrical stimulation(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare mobility in patients with venous leg ulcers to matched controls and determine the influence of mobility, age and ulcer size on ulcer healing. METHODS 25 leg ulcer patients, and 25 matched controls wore a mobility monitor (ActivPAL, PAL Technologies Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland)) which recorded the number of steps and amount of time spent(More)