Mary Clare Gribbin

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Drosophila embryos homozygous for strong mutations in each of the segment-polarity genes wingless (wg), engrailed (en), naked (nkd) and patched (ptc) form a larval cuticle in which there is a deletion in every segment. The mutant embryos normally fail to hatch but by in vivo culture we were able to show which could produce adult structures. Cultured wg⁻(More)
We have examined the developmental consequences for larval and imaginal segmental cuticular structure of a chromosomal translocation involving a breakpoint in the abdominal region of the bithorax complex (BX-C). This complex makes an essential contribution to the development of metameric differences in part of the thorax and in all abdominal segments. The(More)
The phenotypic effects in imaginal hypodermal tissue of a number of Abdominal-B mutations of the bithorax complex are described. Evidence is given from complementation analysis that the phenotypic heterogeneity in both the spatial limits and the nature of the homeotic transformations produced is not an arbitrary classification of allelic differences that we(More)
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