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There is a need for genetic markers or biomarkers that can predict resistance towards a wide range of infectious diseases, especially within a health environment typical of commercial farms. Such markers also need to be heritable under these conditions and ideally correlate with commercial performance traits. In this study, we estimated the heritabilities(More)
Indicator traits used to select pigs for increased resistance to infection or improved health must be heritable and, preferably, be associated with improved performance. We estimated the heritability of a range of immune traits and their genetic and phenotypic correlations with growth performance. We measured immune traits on 589 pigs and performance on(More)
To assess the effect of fire and salvage logging on the diversity of mycorrhizal-bacterial communities, bacteria associated with Cenococcum, Thelephora, Tomentella, Russulaceae, and E-strain ectomycorrhizae (ECM) of Abies lasiocarpa seedlings were characterized using two approaches. First, bacteria were isolated and characterized by Biolog, gas(More)
Objective. To investigate the incidence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus at the Mt. Hope Women's Hospital and to describe its epidemiological pattern. Design. A retrospective observational study (Jan 2005 to Dec 2007). Setting. A teaching hospital of The University of the West Indies. Population/Sample. Pregnant women who gave birth. Methods. A sample size(More)
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